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Export Sales Strategy

Export Sales Strategic Context (Phase 1: Month 1)

  • Company, Products, Known competitors. SWOT, Suitability for export
    • This is where we develop understandings of your competitive situation so we can make informed decisions as your export consultant to guide you in selecting export markets.
  • Logistics, Regulatory and/or legal barriers, IP
    • As a successful export management company we can ensure you don’t face any surprises when entering an export market.
  • Existing and previous business arrangements overseas
    • Knowledge of any current or pre-existing exporting activities will facilitate the export marketing plan and export business development.
  • Target markets, target countries
    • It’s a big world out there, by focussing on a select number of export markets you greatly improve your sales success.
  • Agreement on export channel (s) eg direct, distributor, agent, reseller, JV, other
    • Selection of suitable channel partners or routes to market is vital, our locally based export consultants are ideally placed to research and advise on this.

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Export Sales Planning

Export Sales Planning (Phase 2: 3-6 months)

  • This is where the “rubber hits the road” in the selected target market(s)
    • Identification of prospective partners and routes to market, which could involve walking trade shows, meeting government and industry groups and utilising our locally based export experts to do the preliminary work ahead of setting up face to face meetings.
    • Meetings to assess “fit” is typically the next step and after each meeting we will discuss the outcomes with you and refine the analysis process as required. It is important that as we narrow down the prospective partners that you are prepared to visit in country for a round of face to face meetings, “people do business with people” and it is important that a relationship is established at the outset.
    • Following the face to face meting and whilst you are still in the country we need to spend at least a half day to thoroughly review and make decisions on which partner/route to market is the optimum. It is often the case that no one distributor or agent can service all industry sectors, being clear from the outset about expectations of partners is key.

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Export sales Implementation

Export Sales Implementation (Phase 3 ongoing)

  • OK we have come a long way in a short time in our export sales development journey. The next steps usually follow a familiar pattern
    • Getting the relevant legal agreements in place that will facilitate the export business development
    • Training of chosen partner(s)
    • Agree sales plan with each partner
    • Samples, promotional materials, trade shows or other local events
    • Review
    • In country visit schedule by customer

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